1.5 Hours
Paddington Rec
TOPIC: Central Combination Play
14:00 - 15:30
LOCATION: Paddington Recreation Ground

Over the course of this 90-minute programme, Yasar Latif will deliver what would be a 60-minute session based on central combination play, from beginning to end. The session will include a topic-relevant arrival activity / warm up, a topic based practice and a games based practice.

Arrival Activity / Warm Up

The arrival activity / warm up will be explained by Yasar, with some participants taking part in the practice for demonstrations.

During this first practice, Yasar will set up the next practice, talking through his reasoning behind any specific equipment used and the space he will be using.

Topic Based Practice

Yasar will then progress on to the main topic based practice, using equipment readily available to the every day coach.

Within this topic, Yasar will demonstrate how to effectively coach players to combine in the central third, specifically around playing with and through the central midfielders. Play will involve different possession style games that will develop quick link up play to create and then exploit spaces in the central channel to progress into the final third with speed.

Games Based Practice

The final part of the session will be a games based practice or small sided game, which may include specific conditions to reinforce the previous practice and increase the number of opportunities to coach central combination play.

On The Day

This programme will require a number of volunteers to participate in the session, in order to deliver the practices.

Therefore please bring football boots and plenty of water!

If you are not able to participate, you can still watch and listen from the sidelines, however if able to, you are encouraged to join in and take part in the session.

Please arrive at the pitch 10 minutes before the session starts.

Please advise of any injuries or conditions on the day that may prevent your participation in the session. 

This promises to be an exciting and fun session, delivered by one of the most experienced coach developers in the game! Be sure to not miss out and register for this programme below.

This session will be based around central combination play, aimed at players in the development phase (U12-U16's).

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